​Silo Transportation

In close cooperation with the parent company STAG-Staubgut GmbH with its registered office in Bludenz, Austria, STAG Italia has access to silo vehicles with capacities of 31 m³ – 63 m³. ​

Short-Haul Silo Transportation

With many years of experience, STAG Italia is a reliable short-haul silo transportation partner for the cement and construction materials industry. The company transports loose construction materials and finished construction products such as cement, plaster, lime, sprayed concrete etc. for its customers.

STAG Italia transports up to 35,000 tons of these materials annually in the region of southern Tyrol, northern Italy, western Austria, Switzerland and southern Germany.

Long-Haul Silo Transportation

 ​The silos are suitable for transportation a variety of bulk goods or can be adapted to the respective requirements and customer needs.

Transportation focuses on products such as ground marble, PVC granulates, quartz sand and road salt.

Container Trucking

Within the trucking segment, STAG Italia also specialises in the delivery and loading of bulk goods. Technical and chemical products are transported as well. Trucking services out of the terminals in Trento, Verona and Hall in Tyrol are provided with the company's own equipment.

Thanks to close cooperation with partners and subsidiaries, STAG Italia also offers these trucking services from all terminals in Austria as well as the Cologne, Herne, Munich and Nuremberg terminals in Germany.

​​Trucking equipment

The trucking vehicles of STAG Italia are equipped for loading and unloading 20’, 30’ and 40’ containers. Each vehicle is equipped with an air-cooled compressor and tilt chassis.

International Transportation​

​STAG Italia offers transportation services between major destinations in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

​STAG Italia GmbH is a strong transportation partner

Specialising in hauling loose cement and construction materials. The region covered by STAG Italia includes all of southern Tyrol and northern Italy.​

STAG Italia is part of our companies

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